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1. Rating Advisory

  • Consulting service around rating for obtaining an initial rating or optimizing existing company ratings and product ratings
  • Product rating of insurance companies and financial services
  • Performance and quality evaluations of statutory health insurance companies, insurers and other financial service providers
  • Support and consulting services for obtaining a capital market-oriented rating from an ESMA-licensed rating agency for a company

2. Consulting services

  • in the implementation of business ideas
  • preparation and revision of business plans
  • the preparation of business cases and the elaboration of an equity story
  • in the search for financial investors and strategic investors

3. Strategic analysis

Dr. Metzler Consulting screens and verifies corporate planning, profit and loss statements

  • examines balance sheet, cash flow statement, company valuation
  • Verifies the visualization and documentation of the equity story
  • shows new ways and optimization potential (= target state)
  • uncovers cross connections through networked thinking
  • questions the status quo through a neutral view from the outside
  • identifies sources of financing, capital providers, strategic partners
  • as well as innovation, which are integrated into the team in an individual and customized way